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  • Are tickets refundable or transferable?

    Tickets are non-refundable but may be transferable. Please contact us directly for any ticket transfer requests.

  • Is there parking available at the venue?

    Yes, there is generally always good parking areas at or near to the venues. Further details are provided on the individual party pages.

  • How can I become a sponsor or volunteer for the event?

    We appreciate your interest in supporting our event!

    Please contact Havana Salsa on 0772 509 6854 or email us at info@havana-salsa.co.uk for sponsorship or volunteer opportunities.

  • Are there nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests?

    We have partnered with nearby hotels to offer discounted rates for event attendees. Please visit our event website for more information on accommodation options.

  • What do I wear to Events?
    People do really make an effort to dress up for our weekly events or annual events. Whilst there is no dress code as such, we do encourage everybody to make a real Cuban effort to dress to impress.
  • Can I attend if I'm a Beginner?
    Yes most definitely this is really where you get to put into practice what you have learned in your classes. This is where you meet other levels of dancers and just dance. The atmosphere and music is just electric, the whole experience will really invigorate you to continue learning, as you begin to see where the journey leads to, by simply watching and seeing other levels of dancers dancing and enjoying at the events.
    Don’t think you are not ready, or need to be a level to attend, as you won’t go, we were all beginners once. Events are most definitely the places to learn and experiment.
  • What music is played?
    All weekly events will give you great exposure to the most authentic Cuban music, whether it is old, new or just released. Our professional DJs will have it all to play for you. To keep you dancing all night long. We also throw in a few Bachata tracks, and of course our most famous Reggaeton line up animation at the end of the night.
  • Do I need to attend an event with a partner?
    No. The Cuban Salsa community is very welcoming. Leads ask followers to dance and vice versa. Everybody dances with everybody, that is joy of social dancing.
  • What is the format at a usual monthly event?
    Doors open and we usually kick start the night with two sets of classes for all levels, the classes can range depending on the event, but it could be classes in Bachata, Mens and Ladies styling, Rumba, ChaChaCha, Son or Rueda. After classes have finished we start the Fiesta with non stop social dancing until doors close. During that time we will also throw in Ruedas and Reggaeton lineups to keep the party full of energy and interactions.

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